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What is a specialty pharmacy?

A specialty pharmacy offers complex, sometimes high-cost drugs for certain serious health conditions. Specialty pharmacies have staff members who understand how to dispense these medications while also offering individualized guidance and support to patients.

Providing access to powerful specialty drugs and compounded therapies along with compassionate support

FountainRx offers the latest, most powerful medications for a variety of health issues, including specialty drugs for serious, chronic health conditions. Below you’ll find more information about the types of drugs we dispense, along with the important support services we offer to all of our patients.

Access to specialty drugs

Because we’re a specialty pharmacy, our pharmacists all have very specific knowledge about various health conditions and the medications used to treat them. Our team members also understand the unique difficulties faced by people dealing with these health issues. As a result, they strive to provide holistic support, helping you deal with the wide range of physical and emotional issues that can accompany certain illnesses. Our specialty pharmacy team also works closely with your physician, making sure that they are kept up-to-date about your progress and any issues that may impact your response to treatment.

Compounded of customized drugs

Compounded drugs are customized medications made according to your physician’s exact specifications right at our pharmacy. At FountainRx, we have the unique expertise needed to develop therapies for certain foot and skin conditions, as well as ear, nose and throat issues. We also compound medications for pain management as well as bioidentical hormones.

And so much more

At FountainRx, we do much more than just fill prescriptions for compounded or specialty drugs. We also help you understand how to take your medication correctly, educate you about any potential side effects, and tell how to get the most benefit from this treatment. That’s why physicians trust us to dispense these medications and provide you with both knowledge and support.

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