Recognizing quality across our compounding and specialty pharmacy efforts

FountainRx is dedicated to providing high-quality compounding and specialty pharmacy services, and in doing so, providing the safest, most effective medications to our patients. Any pharmacy can say that it is committed to quality, but we have actually proven this commitment. Accreditation is one of the most important ways that we can demonstrate this level of quality to our customers, their physicians and their health insurers. Below are some of the accreditations we have received from some of the largest and most prestigious governing bodies in the pharmacy industry.

URAC (Specialty Pharmacy)

URAC is an independent, nonprofit accreditation entity, based in Washington, DC, whose mission is to advance healthcare quality through leadership, accreditation, measurement and innovation. URAC was founded in 1990 as an independent, third party healthcare quality validator and provides accreditations to leading specialty pharmacies. FountainRx is accredited by URAC for its specialty pharmacy services.

ACHC (Specialty Pharmacy)

Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) is a nonprofit accreditation organization that has stood as a symbol of quality and excellence since 1986. As a recognized leader in pharmacy compliance, ACHC offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that align with the individual services provided by pharmacies. Its network of licensed pharmacist surveyors use a consultative approach to provide a comprehensive assessment of the organization designed to enhance business operations while ensuring compliance with the quality standards. By achieving ACHC Accreditation, pharmacies like FountainRx are able to demonstrate their commitment to providing the highest-quality service through compliance with national regulations and industry best practices. Click here to see our video. 

PCAB (Compounding Pharmacy)

The Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) was established in 2007 by eight of the nation’s leading pharmacy organizations. This organization validates quality for pharmacies through a set of rigorous national standards created by industry experts. PCAB has set standardized process controls, and pharmacies seeking accreditation must undergo a comprehensive review including on-site inspections. Most importantly, PCAB gives patients and physicians the ability to select a pharmacy that meets or exceeds the highest quality standards. In 2014, PCAB Accreditation became a service of Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC).

Other industry associations and certifications

FountainRx staff members also belong to several leading pharmacy associations and have received training and certification from a variety of programs including: