Ear, Nose & Throat

Ear nose and throat issues include a wide range of disorders, from chronic (ongoing) sinusitis to allergies and sudden ear infections. If you or your loved one needs an ear, nose or throat medication, you need it fast and need to understand how to take it effectively. Fortunately, the highly-trained pharmacists and support staff at FountainRx have years of experience supporting patients with these issues. We compound many of these ear, nose and throat medications right in our pharmacy, adhering to the highest quality standards and creating a customized medication that is just what the doctor ordered.

Compounded ear, nose and throat medications

There are a wide range of ear, nose and throat issues. That’s why FountainRx offers a variety of effective medications designed to treat your unique health issue.

Ear, nose and throat resources

To learn more about the most common ear, nose and throat concerns, you can visit the following resource:

> Johns Hopkins Ear, Nose and Throat Information


If you work at a physician practice treating patients with ear, nose and throat issues, we are here to help. We will work closely with your team to make sure your patients are receiving expert guidance and support, and will notify you about any important changes to each individual’s health or response to treatment.