Wound Care

FountainRx offers a wide range of compounded and specialty medications designed to address conditions impacting the skin. These include medications targeting specific types of wounds as well as skin issues like rosacea, fungal and bacterial infections.

Many health issues are caused by underlying diseases such as diabetes. For example, people living with diabetes may tend to get fungal infections which can be treated before they spread to other parts of the body. However, individuals who are overweight, or wear thick socks and shoes frequently may also suffer from certain feet infections.

Providing a wide range of compounded skin medications

Our pharmacists and support staff are experienced in helping individuals with a wide range of skin conditions and have extensive knowledge of the medications used to treat these issues. These include medications used to treat neuropathic pain, inflammation due to injury, rough/dry feet, hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), nail fungus, plantar warts, Raynaud’s Phenomenon (an immune system issue where toes and fingers turn blue when exposed to cold), plantar fasciitis and burning foot syndrome.

FountainRx offers treatment for hyperkeratosis using urea to breakdown dead and hard skin. In addition, we support a range of delivery application methods specific to different types of wounds. We offer topical vasodilation medications, along with other drugs, that can be used to treat localized pain. FountainRx also specializes in providing medications to treat different types of infections of the feet. Finally, we offer a variety of compounded, topical anti-infective ointments, powders and sprays for the feet and skin.

Skin condition resources

Below are some resources for common conditions of the skin, as well as resources for individuals living with diabetes and related issues:

> International Hyperhidrosis Society
> American Diabetes Association
> National Psoriasis Foundation
> Raynaud’s Association


If you work at a physician practice treating patients with ear, nose and throat issues, we are here to help. We will work closely with your team to make sure your patients are receiving expert guidance and support, and will notify you about any important changes to each individual’s health or response to treatment.