What is a specialty pharmacy?

A specialty pharmacy provides medications to patients with complex, chronic and/or rare health conditions that often require high-cost drug therapies and a high degree of patient interaction As a general rule, specialty pharmacies are more patient-centric, providing services to help patients achieve the maximum benefit from these medications.

What is compounding?

A compounding pharmacy uses raw chemicals, powders, liquids, and special equipment to make each medication. This results in a customized medication made by the pharmacy, according to a doctor’s directions, to meet an individual patient’s needs.  Using state-of-the-art technology with deep expertise, our pharmacy staff is able to develop individualized solutions for our patients.

What is the Notice of Privacy Practices?
Why should I choose FountainRx as my compounding or specialty pharmacy?

Based in Morristown, TN, FountainRx has been providing compounding and specialty pharmacy services since 2012. Our pharmacists have years of experience in helping patients successfully manage complex health conditions. Our core values are compassion, integrity, service and excellence. We live by these values in how we serve every patient and partner with every physician, payor and manufacturer.

What are your hours of service?

FountainRx Morristown is open Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:30pm EST.

FountainRx Nashville is open Monday-Friday 8:00am-6:00pm.

A pharmacist is on-call and available 24/7.

How much will my prescription cost?

The cost of your prescription will vary depending on multiple factors such as the drug coverage provided by your insurance plan and whether your deductible has been met. We work with health insurers to help determine the cost of your medication up front. Your insurer may require a process called “prior authorization” before they will agree to cover a costly medication. Once this process is complete, we will notify you about the out-of-pocket cost of your prescription.

How do I fill prescriptions at FountainRx? Is the process different for a specialty pharmacy?

We have a physical, walk-in locations in Morristown, TN and Nashville, TN. However, we also have the ability to serve patients who are not located in the area and are able to deliver medications throughout each store’s respective region.

What kind of services are available?

FountainRx supports patients every step of the way when it comes to managing complex health conditions. Our job starts when you fill or refill a prescription, but it does not end there. We assist our patients by connecting them with financial assistance programs, helping them take their medications correctly, reminding them when it is time to refill their medication and educating them about side effects. We also work closely with your physician and insurance company to ensure that you receive the right drug therapy.

How long will it take for me to receive a prescription?

How quickly patients receive their medication depends on a variety of factors including our receiving the right prescription from your physician, securing a prior authorization from your insurance company (if required), and other factors. We work diligently so that you receive your medication as quickly as possible.

How do I refill my prescription?

You may refill your prescription by using our convenient online portal or by calling the pharmacy where you filled your medication; Morristown at (423) 307-5757 or Nashville at (615) 864-8990.

How can I safely dispose of my medication?

Improper disposal of expired medication or medication you are no longer taking can pose a serious risk to others. For the most current information on how to dispose of a medication, please visit the sites below:

> FDA 

> Dispose My Meds

I still have questions. How can I talk to a FountainRx pharmacist?

FountainRx would be happy to hear from you! You can reach us by calling Morristown at (423) 307-5757 or Nashville at (615) 864-8990. We are here to serve you and help meet your individualized needs.