Pharma Benefits

Partnering with manufacturers to deliver better patient health outcomes

FountainRx works with many leading drug manufacturers to ensure that patients have access to a wide variety specialty drugs and the guidance and support they need to improve their health. From emerging osteoporosis medications to the latest biologics, we partner with manufacturers looking to distribute today’s most effective therapies. FountainRx’s highly trained pharmacists are incredibly knowledgeable and provide expert guidance and support to the patients we serve. These team members help each patient understand what to expect from treatment, assist them in managing potential side effects and promote improved adherence to their treatment regimen. They also collaborate with each patient’s physician to foster coordinated care and help to ensure a streamlined prescribing process.

Below are just a few additional examples of the FountainRx difference for manufacturing partners:

  • Committed to quality with numerous accreditations (URAC, ACHC, PCAB, NABP)
  • Robust data analytics and reporting capabilities
  • A patient satisfaction rate of 98%
  • Adherence programs that improve compliance from 1st fill to 2nd fill and beyond
  • Strong payor relationships, especially among regional health plans
  • Licensed in multiple states and pursuing licensure in all 50 states
  • A script-to-fill ratio that puts us among the top tier of specialty pharmacies nationwide
  • Medicaid contracts in multiple states across the Southeast
  • HUB experience and inclusion in limited distribution networks
  • Coordination with physicians and payors to streamline appeals, grievances and prior authorizations
  • Experts at connecting patients with financial assistance programs
  • Able to maintain a same-day or 24-hour turnaround time for prescriptions not requiring pre-authorization

Below are just a few additional examples of the FountainRx difference for manufacturing partners:


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