Patient Adherence

Adherence services that deliver better outcomes

When you prescribe one of today’s specialty drugs, you know it can improves your patients’ health only if taken on time and correctly. That is where FountainRx comes in. We maintain a state-of-the-art adherence program that rivals that of the largest national pharmacies. It is based on advanced software that automates set schedules for patient outreach, refills and deliveries of medication, all based on the patient’s unique therapy and needs. It also allows our team to proactively follow up with your staff members before issues with adherence (or lack of) lead to poor health outcomes.

Secure text messaging, tracking and reporting

As part of this program, we also maintain HIPAA-secure text messaging services to which patients can opt in. This allows us to maintain an easy, open line of communication with patients, reminding them when it is time for refills and ensuring that these important medications reach their hands at the right time. We also monitor prior authorization expiration dates in order to eliminate lapses in coverage for patients that can lead to issues with adherence. Finally, our system allows us to track adherence rates for each individual, so you can see the results of these efforts firsthand.