Osteoporosis is a progressive disease that results in a reduction of bone quality and density. Bones become weaker and more fragile, which creates an increased risk of fractures. Millions of Americans are living with osteoporosis, but it is most common in older women. In individuals who suffer from osteoporosis, bone loss happens at a faster rate than new bone growth. Often, there are no symptoms until a broken bone actually occurs. However, if you’re living with this condition, you may notice some issues with back pain and problems with your posture. Fortunately, osteoporosis can be treated with lifestyle changes, medications and other medical treatment. This can help prevent further bone loss and broken bones that may result from this health issue.

Osteoporosis medications

FountainRx offers many of the latest osteoporosis medications, including those that require injection. As a result, we will take the time to help you understand how to administer these medications effectively, and make sure you’re comfortable doing so. We will also educate you on potential side effects, and make sure that you know what to expect from this treatment.

The osteoporosis medications dispensed by FountainRx include:

Forteo® Prolia® Tymlos® Reclast®

Our specialty pharmacists and support staff have vast experience supporting individuals living with osteoporosis, as well as extensive knowledge of these preferred osteoporosis drugs.

Osteoporosis resources

The following organizations can provide additional support and information for people living with osteoporosis:

> National Osteoporosis Foundation
Osteoporosis information from the Centers for Disease Control


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